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Since the sport of wakeboarding is  now more than 20 years old and we have over 100 years of combined experience in the petroleum, marine and towed water sports industry, we asked ourself's what can be done to provide bullet-proof engine protection and improve fuel effiency while minimizing emissions in the pristine waters we run these sophisticated vessels in? These are the questions that we were determined to find the answers to and here is the outcome... We took real world testing and blended it up along with some really dry and boring physics, math and chemistry to come up with what enables us to produce the most technologically advanced motor oil on the planet engineered exclusively for high performance marine engines

Our Approvals and Certifications

You will never find broken promises on our spec sheets, most often times you will find we surpass those numbers in leaps and bounds.  

National Marine Manufacturer's Association (Pending)

API American Petroleum Institute (Pending)

Ilmor Marine Engines (Pending)

Indmar Marine Engines (Pending)

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Liquid Logic Laboratories Application Specific Products


Liquid Logic Laboratories proudly presents the first and only APPLICATION SPECIFIC

motor oils on the planet developed for GASOLINE powered marine engines exceeding all manufacturers warranty specifications

SAE 15W-50 Full Synthetic

SAE 15W-40 Full Synthetic

SAE 15W-40 Synthetic Blend

SAE 5W-30 Full Synthetic

SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Blend


Years of inhaling 2 stroke exhaust fumes and later the entire and outright ban of these filthy beasts in a large number of lakes led us to develop the cleanest burning TCW-3 2-cycle injector oil ever blended and produced. Now there's a whole bunch of early model machines with fresh new engines and we have exactly what they need! Click to find out more.

Because 2-Stroke leads to harder crimes!


Gone are the days of a one size fits all bright orange life jacket and adjustable wakeboard bindings. So too are the days of using tractor trailer diesel engine oil in your gasoline powered tournament boat that you surf 10 to 20 feet behind. Like the 10-Foot Pole changed everything when we started being towed from an elevated height or the first time you ever produced a surf wave behind the boat, Liquid Logic Laboratories is changing the way the industry thinks about the lubricants we run in these sophisticated vessels

Coming WINTER 2017 / 2018


In the winter up north it gets cold. The boats get winterized and after Thanksgiving the lake freezes over. Time to bring the sleds outta hibernation and get some riding in right? Click to find out more about BRAAP COLD WEATHER FORMULA. The FIRST and ONLY  FULL SYNTHETIC TCW-3 2-Stroke Injector oil specifically engineered for hi altitude cold weather sleds


Liquid Logic Laboratories is proud to announce the arrival of our newest ULTRA PREMIUM formulation... NLGI EP-1.5 FULL SYNTHETIC bearing grease. Superior wash out protection suitable for high speed applications

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